Before using your Cambridge Silversmiths flatware for the first time, we recommend that you wash it thoroughly either in your dishwasher or by hand.

In a dishwasher

Cambridge Silversmiths stainless flatware is dishwasher safe and stain- resistant. However, if any discoloration should develop (which can be caused by hard water), use a stainless cleaner and follow instructions carefully.

By hand

Always wash in hot water and a mild soap or detergent. Rinse in clean, hot water and dry promptly.

General Information

Avoid harsh detergents containing lemon as they can harm flatware surfaces. Wash your flatware as soon as possible after each meal. This will prevent prolonged contact with harsh, acidic foods that may cause discoloration, corrosion or pitting. It is also preferable to wash your stainless separately from aluminum, sterling or silver-plated items.  It is important that you never let your flatware soak (even in plain water) or leave unwashed overnight.


Knife blades are particularly sensitive to acidic foods, being soaked in water and air-drying. Therefore, it is very important that you wash your knives promptly after each use, and dry immediately. Do not store in plastic or other wrappings that may
trap moisture. Keep knives and other hollow handle flatware away from any open flames or other sources of extreme heat.

You should not try to sharpen knives that have serrated edges which could result in damage to the blade.

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